Québec Finally Does Away with Requirement to Register International Contests Here

On June 2, 2021, Québec amended the rules as to the Loi sur les loteries, les concours publicitaires et les appareils d’amusement, so as to exempt international contests (i.e. held from outside the province and also opened to foreigners outside of Canada) from being declared to Québec’s Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux (the “RACJ”).

This change will also exempt foreign businesses from having to pay fees to the RACJ that are (were) calculated on the value of prizes.

Until now, the sponsors or holders of international contests often excluded Québec residents from participating in promotional contests they held, so as to avoid the hassle of complying with the Québec statute at issue -and pay the related fees. From now on, provided the business is from outside Québec and holds a contest that is opened to residents of other countries, the RACJ will consider that it does not need to hear about it or otherwise deal with it.

It is hoped this may incite multinationals from refraining, in the future, to (almost systematically) exclude Québec residents from participating in their various promotional contests.