About Us

We specialize in providing legal and paralegal services as to technology, business law, intellectual property, privacy, and other forms of intangibles that may be relevant for businesses and organizations of all kinds.

We also provide services related to corporate law and to agreements and contracts of all kinds, keeping a focus on technology and on your intangibles.

We are proud to be members of and work with the following associations and associations and organizations:

Logos Barreau du Québec, CPATA, Barreau canadien, IAPP, CAN-Tech, IPIC

Our founder is also certified by (ISC)² as to matters relating to cybersecurity:

Certified in Cybersecurity (CC)

Certified in Cybersecurity (CC)

We firmly believe in adopting working methods that leverage everything technology has to offer in terms of efficiency and quality. Automation, artificial intelligence, using databases, templates, record-management tools, and cloud computing are at the core of our work methods. Our goal: doing more and better, at a better price for our customers.