Our Services

Intellectual Property

We offer legal advice and services relating to intellectual property (“I.P.”), including inventions, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, domain names, know-how, and trade secrets. In particular, we strive to share knowledge and know-how as to I.P. with small and medium-size organizations of all kinds, including to allow them to avoid mistakes that may prove especially costly later on, such as by registering I.P. rights whenever advisable.

Technology and Business Law

We regularly advise corporations, business owners and various organizations as to matters relating to technology and business issues. Whether it is by counselling clients as to their processes or activities in a technological context, or by helping organizations wishing to obtain certain technological products or services, we strive to provide quality legal services at competitive rates. We understand that small and medium-size businesses often have to contend with limited means and, therefore, make the most of what they do have. We understand such constraints and always try to keep them in mind, including to avoid missteps when handling legal matters.

Social Media and Online Platforms

Our services also cover legal issues relating to social media and various platforms that individuals and businesses now use as a matter of course. We may for example advise clients on how to best handle social media and the rules that may govern a social-media presence, or what may be done whenever prejudicial content is posted or shared by third parties. Though social media does not operate entirely in a vacuum, as compared to civil law and I.P., we often accompany our clients in navigating the rules and mechanisms put in place by platforms to deal with illicit or infringing activities by third parties. Indeed, the same also goes for other types of online platforms, the processes and policies of which we regularly help clients understand and navigate, including stopping the prejudicial actions of third parties.

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Personal Information

We help clients with legal questions touching upon cybersecurity, as well the rules and regulations surrounding privacy and the collection, use and communication of personal information. Whether to ensure a business complies with the law or review its practices and policies, we aim to provide our clients with advice and services that are tailored to their needs. We understand that budgets available to small and medium-size businesses are often limited and, thus, strive to modulate our services accordingly.